Mixing Cocktails & Mixing Beats
Made for Mixing

Your cocktail nights will never be silent again!

Monkey Shoulder presents a growing collection of exclusive mixes for all your audio escapism needs!

Since the start of lockdown in 2020 we have been working with our friends in the music industry to share exclusive mixes for everyone to enjoy. At the same time this has helped support artists who are experiencing gig cancelations & empty calendars.

Turn it up & stay tuned!

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Our full Monkey Shoulder playlist is available on MixCloud here.

Weekly Mixes

Check out our Monkey Shoulder Instagram for the latest news and recommendations on the most ‘upbeat’ cocktail recipes.

Our Global Brand Ambassador, @DiscoDrinks, can give additional tips on how to mix and match music with the latest cocktails.



Monkey Kitchen
Cocktail Recipe

Checkout our Instagram Story highlights for a collection of Monkey Kitchen Cocktail recipes, created by bartenders from around the world. Mix and match your favourite recipes with our Monkey Mixes.

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