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3 Monkeys - Triple Malt Monkey Shoulder Whisky

Czech the Monkey

Scribbled down on 20th January 2014

 Just in time for Burns celebrations taking place all week, Roman Foltan of the Artesian Bar at The Langham hotel, London, created this super fine punch for Monkey Shoulder. Make a huge bowl of this and slurp it with your buddies, while your questionable haggis is cooking away...



700ml  Monkey Shoulder

100ml  Becherovka (check out Top Tip for alternatives)

300ml  Fresh lemon Juice

10  Dashes Angostura Bitters

2100ml  Hot water

Lemon zest sugar syrup

1 cup  Sugar

¾ cup  Hot water

 Lemon zest


Lemon zest sugar syrup:

Before juicing lemons, zest all lemon skins into a regular cup of sugar. Add ¾ cup of hot water to dissolve the sugar to make a syrup.


Add all ingredients together, but add lemon zest sugar syrup last, gradually and sweeten to your liking. Allow to cool down and then go crazy with the garnish.


Clove studded orange and lemon wheels into the main punch. Over each individual drink,  twist an orange peel  and add a tiny dust of nutmeg.


Punchy one with ice in it


Becherovka is an amazing aromatic Czech liqueur that’s all the rage. If you have trouble finding it, then swap it out for whichever one of these aromatic spirits you fancy: Aperol, Campari or Fernet Branca.